H.E.R.O.S Advocacy Group consist of men and women who invest time with young men and women, promoting education, goal attainment, job placement, and decision-making skills. Our services include but not limited to: Mentoring, Professional Development, Life Skills Education, Conflict/Anger Resolution, Self-Esteem/Social Skill Development and Job Readiness.

Our goal is to provide quality advocacy services to young men and women who have difficulty functioning within their homes, schools, and community. Our advocates work diligently in order to improve academic performance, increase self-image, enhance social skills, and develop young men and women professionally.

H.E.R.O.S Operates with the philosophy that all people have the ability to learn. Each person is unique in his/her growth pattern. Therefore we offer a broad and flexible program geared at the needs, abilities, and interest of children and families we come in contact with. Our advocates have high expectations and are committed to increasing employability and assisting young men and women to mature socially while reaching their goals.

One of our most imperative functions is to prepare our youth to enter the workforce. Thus, we offer Educational training, which includes GED prep, tutoring, assistance with college applications, and SAT prep. In addition, we offer employability assistance as well. Including but not limited to, Resume Workshops, Financial Literacy, Computer Literacy, Interviewing Techniques, Soft Skills Training and Job Readiness classes.