Becoming a parent at a young age or before you are ready has many challenges. At HEROS we understand the difficulties you face with having a child.HEROS Advocacy Group targets risk parents; we help our clients identify their struggles as a parent and provide resources and techniques for them to address each.

HEROS understands each parent has different needs that need to be addressed. Some clients may need parenting classes to help with patience or that was mandated by a court, some just need a support group, a job, or housing. We help each client by not just giving them the resources to what they need but helping show them how to search for the resources themselves. There are a lot of resources for parents whether its daycares or full-time school and work options. We give all of our clients the resources to be able to find and use the many resources available to them.

We understand being a young parent can be stressful. We help mentor our parents in dealing with stress and anger to reduce the risk behaviour of substance abuse and violence.

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